Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today we rode 28.4 miles.

It's rather amazing how easily one can kill an evening biking. It's also amazing how much water one can consume.

Overall I'd say it was a good ride. I felt rather strong for the first 2/3 of the ride. Hit a low point at the same place as last ride. But once again managed to gather a second wind after getting up the hill. And powered it back all the way home. Hooray. And I didn't walk any hills at all.

Also of note today I put the toe clips back on my bike. The jury is still out on their worthiness. Plus they do make crossing streets a bit more dangerous, but it could just be a learning curve issues. Besides they make me feel like maybe I actually know what I'm doing.

Next up on the biking equipment get list is a pair of biking shorts and sport sunglasses. Something definitely got in my eye today. And after those acquisitions a gel seat would make my rear significantly less angry with me.

Along the way I also contemplated the fact that between this training and dance class I'm going to end up with actual potentially even defined muscles in my legs. Whoa. Now if only I could grow me some abs we'd be in business. (Actually Jo and I in discussing this made a pack to to appropriate abdominal exercises every night - wish us luck.)

This was long, wandering, and rather off topic. Oops!

PS: Kudos out to my father who 'pledged' $50. My parents rock!

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