Monday, September 30, 2013

Nerd Wars Planning

The next round of Nerd Wars starts tomorrow. I have a mind full of ideas of what I would like to accomplish. Too many of my ideas are rather grand so I predict failure or over-worked frustration. Yay?

1. Dissertation: Last round's spinning dissertation was freaking awesome (I totally ought to write it about in fact). I don't think I can top it this round. But I do have far too much fiber that is piling up in the craft room. One of the things I really want to do is to turn one of the fleeces purchased at th MD Sheep and Wool Fest into a sweaters worth of yarn. I'm leaning in that direction. This however being me things aren't quite that easy.

2. While in Peru I purchased 3 skeins of this incredibly soft amazing baby alpaca. Shortly thereafter I found that I could have purchased the same thing back at home and actually the price is fairly similar. But it was from a particular shop that happens to be doing good so I'm still ok with it. Plus the yarn is still awesome and wants to become something awesome. Particularly it wants to be a Marin. Except my yardage is more or less right on the edge of what I need. I'm still going to try it. My neck needs this softness ASAP!

3.  I have had a beautiful skein of reddish/orangeish yarn for around a year now having recieved it in a swap. I always thought it would be perfect for something beautiful for fall. Well it's fall now and I may have impulse skeined it up. I'm thinking Brandywine but know that with my other plans it is totally impractical.

4. Created by Carlin is still happening. Trying to be at least somewhat smarter this year I've been attempting to stockpile things to sell all year. But even with that intent I never get through as much as planned so now that we're getting down to the wire more things must happen! This year I want to mostly just sell what I've already created. Then possibly I'll also offer a higher (significantly?) price for things made-to-order.

5. My "shop" actually already has 2 (well 1 for certain, the other possible) orders currently in the queue. The first I need to finish right away so it may or may not wait for NW to begin. It depends upon how speedy I am. But the second, provided it still is on the table (I'm guessing yes), is perfect challenge fodder.

6. Christmas gifts need to be thought about and planned. In fact as holiday gifting goes if I still have any intent of making gifts I am way far behind. Best get in gear with this.

7. UFO's (un-finished objects): I've made good progress but the pink-coopworth spinning project has been typing up some of my trindles for approximately 2 years now (some skeins have already been finished and come off the spindles, but ineveitably new ones replace them). Perhaps I should finish that someday. Also I started another felted alpaca before the last round of NW with the intent being that I could finish it in the Flexi-challenge. This never happened. This needs to happen.

Well that's epic...

Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm back (for now)

Well hello there blog-land. Long time no type.

Since last we met I feel like I have done approximately a million and a half things but when I try to put things down here only a few are coming to mind.

  • Work was freaking insane. Many additional hours where spent both in office and at home. Including at least one night of staying up working until at least 2 am. New things did not work property. Tears shed and I slowly started cursing in public more and more. It really wasn't so great.
  • But then I got a new job! It was a bit crazy. I prepared my materials, talked to people, interviewed. They liked me. They wanted to hire me but couldn't now but maybe later. Then things changed. (All while the biggest teary-est part of the old job was happening of course.) I asked for more money. I got more money. I've officially worked 2 weeks. Win.
  • I went with my parents to Peru. While i freely confess that there where moments when I was ready to come home before the trip was over, it was totally freaking awesome and I would do it again in a heart beat.

New goal: short sweet posts about whatever happens to be up at the moment. I can totally do this!