Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm back (for now)

Well hello there blog-land. Long time no type.

Since last we met I feel like I have done approximately a million and a half things but when I try to put things down here only a few are coming to mind.

  • Work was freaking insane. Many additional hours where spent both in office and at home. Including at least one night of staying up working until at least 2 am. New things did not work property. Tears shed and I slowly started cursing in public more and more. It really wasn't so great.
  • But then I got a new job! It was a bit crazy. I prepared my materials, talked to people, interviewed. They liked me. They wanted to hire me but couldn't now but maybe later. Then things changed. (All while the biggest teary-est part of the old job was happening of course.) I asked for more money. I got more money. I've officially worked 2 weeks. Win.
  • I went with my parents to Peru. While i freely confess that there where moments when I was ready to come home before the trip was over, it was totally freaking awesome and I would do it again in a heart beat.

New goal: short sweet posts about whatever happens to be up at the moment. I can totally do this!

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