Thursday, July 3, 2008

11.2 - I am slow

I was figuring on a short ride yesterday. Inevitably I have other things which make me not want to loose all of my evenings to crazy rides. So I was figuring on a short ride right after work. The idea was to try and go faster for the short distance.

That was the plan. Then I ended up staying over an hour later at work than I normally do. But I was still determined to go on the ride. So finally a bit after 6 we started off.

I am no good at riding fast. I couldn't maintain any higher speed than what I normally ride at. I just get fatigued so quickly. It's disheartening.

In general I feel for the past week like I've been becoming overwhelmed. Not just with these rides but kind of everything.

Now you may be thinking But Carlin there's a holiday weekend coming up. You'll have extra free time off and be able to rest and recuperate.

Nope, instead of having a nice little vacation I have 5 concerts to work. And realistically they're fun concerts and it's not like theres a box office to run. But still no possibility of evening rides or evening relaxation.

I shouldn't complain and I'm sure my positive demeanor should be returning soon. But some days.....

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