Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1 up

Back in early June I went on a bit of an Amigurumi binge thanks largely to the drug that is the Ravelry pattern browser.

Somehow or another I stumbled upon an awesome little 1 up pattern. So easy and simple but absolutely cute. Plus on occasion I feel the need to come up with something to give to Bran. You see he is a most excellent boyfriend. He does things like brings me flowers for no reason (aside from my undying love of flowers and those who give me them) on quite a regular basis. And I am all about reciprocity. But what is the male equivalent of flowers? I was a bit stumped.

He does however happen to be a good bit of a gamer with a soft spot for old school nostalgia, particularly Nintendo. Perfect! And while some men might think a little stuffed trinket to be too girly-cutesy my man is secure in his manhood (although he won't wear a pink shirt). He has what I'm thinking may be the exact perfect amount of soft sentimentality to him.

Needless to say he likes it (or fakes it quite well). And I have attached it to his key chain so that he can think of me often. I'm sneaky like that :-)

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