Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last week.

There were a couple of things wrong with my camping trip last weekend...
I had bad thoughts in my head that wouldn’t go away. 
I was feeling physically off for a large number of the days. 
On the last night a bunch of interloper’s invaded my normally secluded campground. 

Luckily they were easily outweighed by the good things… 
I was able to clear my head of most of its normal worries. 
The weather spent most of the time in the 70’s with only 2ish days of rain. 
Most day’s we had the entire camp ground to ourselves. 
Bran likes camping. 
I got to have good quality alone time, free of distractions, with him and we still like each other. 
Bran learned to grill food. 
I was seriously sucked into the 700ish pages of WoT that I needed to finish which made finishing exceptionally easy and fun, plus I really want to read more now.

Camping is, has been, and quite possibly always will be one of my favorite activities. The opportunity to get away from it all and sit quietly in nature is one that I look forward to every year.

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