Sunday, September 26, 2010


Strolling through the World Show Case at Epcot I was enjoying looking at all of the neat architecture and making Bran pose for pictures.

Entering the Italy pavilion I noticed a man with a camera with a giant lens on one of those one-legged-not-actually-tri-pod things. And I noted to myself that it really would be a nice place (the whole park really) for photographers to come and take pictures.

Bran and I moved over to the water front and were taking pictures on the neat little Italian bridges. As I was posing and Bran taking pictures of me I noticed that the photographer seemed to be snapping pictures that seemed like they could be including me – or maybe he was just aiming to my left, it was hard to say. Then Bran and I exchanged places and then, as he grumbled about the heat and walking too much, I sent him over to a farther bridge to pose.

As we was making his way over a young woman approached me. She explained that they were taking some kind of publicity shots of people taking pictures of each other and that the photographer had gotten some good ones of my “husband” taking pictures of me. If we would just sign these waivers we could get free pins. Obviously I was game, and called after Bran to make him come all the way back. I also corrected the woman that he was my boyfriend, although her repeated use of the title “husband” had totally amused me (while also being ridiculously weird).

We gave them our names and where we are from. They had us pose again with Bran now faking to be taking pictures of me. We got free pins and then were along on our way. Whence I proceeded to make Bran go back to the far bridge for my planned picture.

It was weird and awesome at the same time. I totally hope that they use a picture of us somewhere because I think that’s pretty fun. But then I also realize the chances of me ever realizing it are approximately non-existent – which is very sad.

Altogether highly amusing.

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