Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekly Goal Wrapup, 1/29

Ooops never clicked publish....

I must confess that alot of this was powered out on Sunday evening, but I accomplished everything. Go me!

1. Finish 1.5 Special Olympics scarves -This was the perfect project to have along with me while working the concerts this weekend. Even so I barely managed to pick it up given the ridiculousness that is two sold out concerts. Still, I am so fast with these now that it was a breeze.

2. Prep all fiber for Marled Yarn -Much of the work was already done. And when I went to hackle the colored fiber it just didn't hold together as it was actually too light and airy. So the plan is to spin all the colored fiber from the lock. I would really like to get good at lock spinning anyways and this project for myself is perfectly suited I think.

3. Knit 2nd "Quick and Easy" Sock - Thank goodness this project really is super quick and easy because I just wasn't feeling it and put it off until late Sunday. But I finished and lo and behold they actually fit way better than I thought. Now I want to make more!

4. Sew convertible wallet to tote bag -Went from start (well a few pieces were already cut) to finish in one night. I'm getting better at these as well, thank goodness. I actually sewed the zipper without using pins. I was nervous but it totally worked. Yay.

5. Finish flower chart repeats on shawl - Before I could actually 'finish' I had to figure out where 'finish' would be located (how many repeats). I did many maths and I'm still not quite certain of the outcome. Crazy lace and its ability to grow. But I'm calling it good and managed to finish 2 full pattern repeats and now its on to the boarder charts. And even more excitedly I really got into a groove with the knitting. So much so that I'm rather anxious to work on the boarder.

So hooray for sucess. There is a bit of a downside however. Getting this stuff done felt rather overwhelming again, even with my 5 item limit. Next week is my birthday week so I think I may just do whatever :-)

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