Friday, December 3, 2010

A long time.

So most every week day I think about how I need to blog again. And then it doesn't happen. Oops.

I am now in the work furiously at Christmas crafts, and prey I get everything done, time of year. And this is dispite actually making, and for at least a time staying mostly on schedule, my Christmas Craft plan back in July/August. Ah well....there's always next year.

Plus I think everything that I make is going to be pretty awesome this year:
Mother's scarf/shaw - done and awesome
Grandma's blanket - done and awesome
Bran's blanket - getting close to being done....finally
Courtney's scarf - only have about a foot on the needles, this project needs the most work
Penguin aparal - I have all the supplies gathered and preliminary work done just need to get'er done
Christmas calanders - need to check for changes with the family and then print
Christmas pillow - the cross stitch is done I think I'll pick up some holiday fabric from joann's on Saturday and sew a log cabin square around it. Should be awesome.

Ok that list is kinda scary there. But I'm aiming to get a good bit of stuff done this weekend.

Wish me luck.

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