Saturday, December 3, 2011

25 Day's of Christmas: Day 3, Christmas Time is Here

To celebrate Christmas I decided to highlight 25 days of awesome Christmas music!

Day 3: Christmas Time is Here, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones (plus A Charlie Brown Christmas!)

I was first introduced to Bela Fleck & The Flecktones by my high school band director. It was one of the 3 videos that he would show us on those school days where for whatever reason we were watching videos instead of having regular class (or rehearsal as would be the case with the band teacher). He really was an amazing teacher and can be credited for quite a bit of my musicality And the Flecktones are just one of the many many awesome things he exposed us to.

All of the musicians in that group are phenomenal and listening to them take a simple tune like Christmas Time is Here and play with it is just a treat. As a bonus I also have a video of A Charlie Brown Christmas (which I don't actually think is a Christmas song, more of their theme song but always gets playtime around the holidays so I'll take it). It's thematically appropriate and just as fun!

As always these recordings are sketchy, although acoustic does add some merit. If you like what you hear there is always Spotify, iTunes, or any other of the zillions of online music options available.

Carlin's 25 Days of Christmas Music

Day 1: A Christmas Festival
Leroy Anderson
Day 10: ??????? Day 19: ???????
Day 2: How the Grinch Stole
Christmas Soundtrack
Day 11: ??????? Day 20: ???????
Day 3: Christmas Time is
Here, Bela Fleck & the
Day 12: ??????? Day 21: ???????
Day 4: ??????? Day 13: ??????? Day 22: ???????
Day 5: ??????? Day 14: ??????? Day 23: ???????
Day 6: ??????? Day 15: ??????? Day 24: ???????
Day 7: ??????? Day 16: ??????? Day 25: ???????
Day 8: ??????? Day 17: ???????
Day 9: ??????? Day 18: ???????

Keep coming back each day as I celebrate the season with new songs each day!

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