Tuesday, December 6, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Days 4, 5 & 6...oops

Ugh, I should have known me slacking was destined to happen if I tried to post daily...ah well. Life got in the way of Sunday and Monday so I present to you 3 awesome songs today:

To celebrate Christmas I decided to highlight 25 days of awesome Christmas music!

Day 4: Stufjan Steven's: O Come O Come Emanuel

For Sunday's song we have an advent appropriate hymn! Stufjan Stevens is a pretty cool folky singer. I think I first discovered his music through a free iTunes download, but I've greatly enjoyed his music since then. He has a huge album of Christmas songs which is quirky and fun. It is also huge, 4 or 5 disks huge. If memory serves he set out to make a disk of Christmas music for friends and family and the project just grew. How fun!

Day 5: Jethro Tull: Holly Herald
At college my primary instrument was flute and as a Music Business major I had this crazy half rocker-ish adviser (he could talk knowledgeably about Classical music but you always knew his loyalties were to the Beatles) who I distinctly remember talking a good bit about flute and Jethro Tull. I had never listened to any of his stuff and I'm pretty sure I didn't until I found this Christmas album. It's rather odd, but the flute playing is different and laudable. And in the end the music is quite fun with a different flair.

Day 6: Angels We Have Heard On High: Relient K
Rock versions of classic Christmas music can be quite fun, but all too often they end up being terribly. But I should have known that Relient K, a Christian rock band, would have no problem nailing it.

Carlin's 25 Days of Christmas Music

Day 1: A Christmas Festival
Leroy Anderson
Day 10: ??????? Day 19: ???????
Day 2: How the Grinch Stole
Christmas Soundtrack
Day 11: ??????? Day 20: ???????
Day 3: Christmas Time is
Here, Bela Fleck and the
Day 12: ??????? Day 21: ???????
Day 4: O Come O Come
Stufjan Stevens
Day 13: ??????? Day 22: ???????
Day 5: Holly Herald
Jethro Tull
Day 14: ??????? Day 23: ???????
Day 6: Angels We Have
Heard On High
Relient K
Day 15: ??????? Day 24: ???????
Day 7: ??????? Day 16: ??????? Day 25: ???????
Day 8: ??????? Day 17: ???????
Day 9: ??????? Day 18: ???????

Keep coming back each day as I celebrate the season with new songs each day!

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yarnyMarni said...

I love this! I'll keep checking back... there's lots of music here that I've never heard!