Sunday, May 2, 2010

May goals.

In order to make this month better than last month (at least with regards to my feeling of productivity) I shall once again establish some distinct goals for myself.

1. Bike 200 miles. Given my recent history this will be pushing it but it really ought to be quite do-able especially since it's getting to be such perfect weather. Plus I'm already signed up for one organized ride that will get me some good miles and the boy and I really ought to start riding together.

2. 6 squares. I was short a knit square in April so lets see if I can't make it up in May. 3 knit, 3 crochet.

3. Spin 100 yards of alpaca. I really want/need to make one of these guys for the friend who gave me all of the alpaca fleece.

4. Read WoT book 5, Fires of Heaven. Having crammed in the last book at the end of the month I'm rather excited about the series now and started FOH already. Plus as always happens with my re-reads everything happens so much earlier in the series/more quickly than I remember. Although when I started yesterday and realized that at again around 1000 pages reading 50 pages a day would still take me the better part of the month and it was a bit depressing.

5. Cross stitch flower. Bonus points for 2 or 1 and a bunch of foliage. So I started this cross stitch over two years ago. Maybe someday I will finish.

6. Take at least 2 walks each week. This will probably be difficult as walks frequently feel to me like they are sucking up time. But recently my knee has been troubling me a bit again and as one of my planned vacations (to be announced later) will involved mucho-walking I want to make sure that my legs are in working order.

If I sat here and tried to come up with more there are certainly things I could think of. But in the interests of actually accomplishing things I best let it remain as is. I suspect it will already be a battle to success. Time is rather in short supply. I should probably quit my job so that I can accomplish more things :-)

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Brandon said...

There needs to at least be a seventh goal. Much to your dismay, but I think I've effectively corrupted you.