Saturday, May 22, 2010

A twist on people watching

I dislike driving and am not a fan of it being such a necessity in my life. But as of late I've found a somewhat amusing way to occupy my driving time: people watching.

Most frequently I find myself doing it on the drive home. Looking at the cars on my left and right is a bit sketchy because it's obvious that I'm starting at the other people. But at stop lights I'll watch in the rear view mirror to see if the person behind me is at all interesting (sunglasses are useful). Frequently it's a boring hobby and then I'll drift off into imagination land pretending things about the people around me. Or other times if I'm at the front of the waiting line I'll watch the all of the cars going past cringing at the number of individuals distracted by cell phones and the like. Where is everyone going and what are they doing with their lives? It's interesting to ponder.

Occasionally, most often when there is more than one person in the vehicle, things can be more interesting. Catching someone singing along to the radio is like a surprise bonus.

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Ingrid said...

people watching is so much fun! my family always tried to guess the names and occupations of each person we saw, and where they were going and why.