Monday, May 3, 2010


As a way to keep spirits high (and a preventative measure against killing ourselves) Bran  and I have been talking vacations for a long time. There were three main ideas that we tossed around:

He is absolutely insistent upon a beach vacation, and the sooner the better. He doesn't really care so long as there is a hotel room and an ocean. I am a camping fanatic. For a number of years now I've gone up to an old church camp and stayed a week for my primary summer vacation. I love the peace, solitude, and fire food :-) At some point in our conversations we both agreed visiting Disney world would be awesome. We're pretty much still kids.

With summer now fast approaching I've been mulling these options extensively. And budget minded me came to the conclusion that we could go on our two smaller trips or we could go on the one big trip. But Bran, who is not at all budget minded and does not pay rent or utilities, disagrees and says we should do it all.

Good thing he's cute because other wise killing my budget may be a fatal decision. Plus he's all talking about how he can pay for stuff. But I don't like him paying for everything. So now I'm trying to scrimp and save anything possible, while still maintaining most of what I've already been doing. And I'm considering eliminating the camping, although it is the cheapest. 

I try to tell myself to worry less about saving money and enjoy life. But alas I am who I am. The trips shall be awesome. Until then I must work on making peace with spending $'s.

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