Wednesday, April 6, 2011


As of late I've really been craving some spinning time. I really don't know why except that the last time I spun anything was likely October when I was finishing the yarn I needed for Christmas projects.

But I just don't seem to have that much free time lately. And then when I do I either fall into the pit of doing pointless unnecessary things (hello phone games) or I actually manage to do things that I ought to be doing: house cleaning, laundry, postcard swap, organizing, spending time with boyfriend etc.

It will also take a good bit of prep time as I'd likely want to try an alpaca project but need to card the dirty roving first. And last but not least a dangling spinning spindle would likely be a dream kitten toy....not so ideal for good yarn production. :-/

Idea! Goal: Spin at least 500 yards of something in April.

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Brandon said...

Goal: Beat Zelda