Tuesday, April 5, 2011

old vs. new

I'll confess that the new phone really is indeed pretty awesome.

Old phone (Samsung Sway):
- Made Calls
- Sent text messages using T-9 word
- Took crappy pictures
- Sucky battery

New phone (HTC Thunderbolt):
- Makes calls
- Sends messages and emails using digital keyboard
- Apps....millions and millions of (free) stuffs. Tons of games, useful things, and generally most anything under the sun.
- Interwebs
- Angry birds
- My new favorite game, flight control. (pictured up left)
- GPS tracker and route mapper, also records stats: time moving and elevation.
- Digital lists (grocery shopping!)
- Calendar
- Music player
- Geocaching! (whoa it's been too long)
- Sky Map (neat!)
- Sucky Battery - d'oh


martha brown said...

Don't you love Angry Birds?!!!
And my last 2 phones have had sucky batteries -- well -- sucky chargers. My current phone lasts from 7 am when I go to work -- and it's on it's last leg by 7pm. My daughter had her iphone stolen last weekend -- don't ever let your phone out of your sight!!!

iHanna said...

I'm addicted to that game too, and to touch block. Love my htc!