Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do not call. Please?

Recently I had to RSVP for a friends bridal shower. I absolutely hate/dread making phone calls so I put it off and put it off.

Before I knew it I had put it off too long and I had to call. Even that day I put it off and put it off for a number of hours. I went over what I could/should say in my head dozens of times. Eventually I dialed.

The phone rang a few times. Is someone there or has it been long enough will the voice mail pick up? Something clicked on. Voice mail. Oh thank goodness.

I muddle through my somewhat prepared message. All of the calling I have to do at work, which I have gotten relatively decent at, makes me sound very professional on the phone. I leave my message, name, and number. Very clearly, I think. It may have also been rather softly. Oops.

After the call I was rather subtly shaking.

Now I just heard that in attempting to arrange for car pooling I must call someone else.

Death on a stick.

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