Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well oiled machine.

I am turning into a yarn square crafting machine.

1. January Knitting Square:

Info: This square is actually completed but I took this partially knitted picture in actual daylight so it's a million times better than my completed pictures.
Pattern: Ridiculously easy. As previously mentioned each months square is supposed to be progressively more difficult.
Completion: Took me 2 days a good bit of the time being at a concert.

2. January Crochet Square #1:
Info: Aside from the random penguin a few months ago the last time I did any crocheting was probably around age 12. Grandma said I did it back wards then.
Pattern: I looked things up and frogged (ripped out) the beginning 4 or 5 times.
Completion: Persistance pays off. Once I figured things out I was off and running.

3.January Crochet Square #2
Info: I enjoyed learning a new craft so much I decided to go back and make the same square with multiple colors!
Pattern: Same as last time but this time I knew what I was doing!
Conclusion: I like the look of the crocheted granny squares with multiple colors. But have a hard time giving up my solid, each block one color, aproach.

4. January Crochet Square #3:
Info: I may be addicted to crocheting
Pattern: A second pattern that was posted on the group site. Technically it's for a different group.
Conclusion: I could not resist the siren song of my new craft. My memory is fuzzy but it's entirely possible I did this all in 1 day. 2 at most.

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