Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A quiet place.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this past weekend and I wanted to go out and simply enjoy it by reading etc. outside. This however was not the easiest thing however as I have no yard to call my own.

My landlords have a smallish property and most of it is quite landscaped leaving only a small bit of grass where I could stretch out. And when they are out and about it just seems quite awkward to be out there reading etc. There's also a nice park/walking/bike trail nearby. The park is full of a playground and little kids with not much other space. And the path is frequently used. And it's in the shade. Its still too cool for me to be out of the sun. Plus I really desire peace and quiet.

So I packed my backpack with my book and a blanket and walked just a few minutes to a large graveyard up the hill from my apartment. It's rather quite large and is sprawled across a number of hills. Having taken a walk there a few days prior I knew the views from some of the crests were stunning and there are quite many interesting gravestones.

I hoped there would be some space where I didn't look rude and disrespectful sitting on someone elses grave. And sure enough the far edge butts up against a ravine down to the creek by the aforementioned path and there it was almost like a small field where I settled with my back against a small tree. Surprisingly somehow most all of the normal street etc. noise was cut significantly. And so I'm incredibly happy with the location. I could still see a good bit of the grave yard stretching out before me. And in fact a few people drove in to visit graves. I just hope that my presence didn't disturb them.

Anyone have any idea as to proper graveyard etiquite?

I will most likely be back quite a few times unless I hear that it's a faux pas.

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