Monday, March 1, 2010


Back in January a co-worker and I attended the state farm show. It's right down the road from the office and going with someone who will actually sit and watch the whole sheep-to-shawl contest with me was awesome. My co-worker had gone before both in previous years and previously that week and had taken notice of some Alpaca yarn.

Now she is quite familiar with my spinning and knitting stories as I have been known to more-or-less have office show and tell days :-) So she wanted to know if I'd be able to make her a scarf from the skein of alpaca yarn (the stuff was expensive $28!). At 200 yards it was close but I figured I ought to be able to do it using a lacy pattern and some larger needles.

Sure enough about two weeks later I presented to her the finished scarf. It's a bit on the short side but makes up for it by being stretchy, thick, warm, and o-so-soft.

Just last week she put together an outfit with the scarf. Being a quite stylish lady I was absolutely in love with what she wore. It was a white cabled sweater with a deep purple pencil skirt. The scarf was around her heck and fixed together with a broach. the colors all worked together perfectly and it was stunning.

I'm quite sure that I'm biased having knit the scarf. But it was just the most awesome feeling to see her and be able to say "I made that!".

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