Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rag Rug Wrap Up

Also "way back" in February I finished my kitchen rag rug.

The finished product is approximately 26"x21". Really I should have made it longer and less tall. But for a fly-by the seat of my pants type project...I'm happy.

Final review:
 $12 for 4 bed sheets at Salvation army.
Much tearing of fabric (surprisingly easy to do with nicely biased sheets!)
 One ginormous crochet hook (actually the 2nd biggest perhaps). 
A good many hours bent over on the floor becuase the sucker is bigger than my lap.
Two significantly less cold feet when doing dishes.

Really it's a good bit surprising how the 4 big bedsheets condensed into a not-so-huge rug. I think it looks awesome in my kitchen :-)

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