Thursday, February 25, 2010

I glossed over this project in my weekend recap but here's the (relatively long winded) details:
Monday a week ago,  2/15, I go to my knitting meetup group and find that I've accidentally missed the band-wagon on participating in the knitting of scarves for the Special Olympics. Three other ladies had their yarn and were already going. I had just been to the salvation army for my rag-rug material supplies, to Michaels to stock up on yarn for the Squares of the Month, and I was in the midst of the tricky Penguin hat. But I figured that on that Thursday, 2/18, I would need to go to the laundromat and I could stop by ACMoore for the specific yarn needed for the scarf. I, of course, had a coupon and they ended up having an awesome lilac scented candle for a good price. Irrelevant but awesome.

Unfortunately the scarves need to arrive at their destination by March 9th. The group mentioned mailing them together but I'm still not sure what exactly deadline they'll be following. I figure that I'll be finishing up this weekend and can mail it myself if needed. so I need to finish by our next meeting which is on Tuesday, 3/2. This is not much time.

PhotobucketSo of course I picked this awesome double knitting pattern, which means that my one scarf awesome looking scarf is really 2 less awesome scarfs together. Not the most economical decision but I really enjoy the cause which the scar will be going to. And just envisioning the joy that it will hopefully bring to someone. And the fact that it will hopefully become a treasured bit of memorabilia and or inspiration, well that makes the current scramble to knit quickly worth it.

As of today I think I have 25-30 inches. It needs to be 55 so I'm only about half way. At first glance that's a bit dis-heartening. But let's do some math...

7 days since I purchased the yarn + 2 non-knitting days (skiing/movie watching) + 2 half-non-knitting days (boyfriend distracting me/working late then band) = 4 days of knitting so far.
6 days til the meetup + 2 free evenings + 2 concert days where I'm so burnt out that I really never bother listening to the concerts anyways = Plenty of time!

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