Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birds on a line.

I am very good at coming up with ideas. Sometimes I am even good at starting those ideas. Seeing things through to completion however, is not exactly my best selling point.

Back in October when I moved into my apartment I debated how to decorate. The walls are all this boring creme/beige color. Painting is not an option. And they walls also happen to be plaster so even hanging things can be a bit sketchy.

But I had an idea.

At some point back in my old housing situation I tried to convince my landlord/roommate/friend that our walls needed more excitement (they did) and that as it was her house we could totally paint something awesome. Then I became mildly obsessed with wall decals. When I she didn't go for the paint idea I tried to sell contact paper but failed.

Now in my own apartment I tried to find something locally but failing, I ordered a roll of black contact paper. It was 18" by 75'. Go big or go home eh?

I fairly quickly churned out a dozen or so butterflies, which are still on one of my walls, as a test. Then after much debate over what to do I settled upon copying this scene of birds on a line.

I'm not sure how long I worked at the project but I had about 80% of the line and about 5 birds up on the wall. I also had a paper pattern for the last bit of line just taped up there. It blended it fairly well because it was pretty rare that I'd notice the odd in-completion. The odd lack of birds was it's own awkwardness.

Then finally this weekend I tasked myself with 'completing the picture'. I meant to take a 'before' picture but sadly never did. But I did finish the line and add a dozen or so birds. So now here is my newly improved wall.

It is obviously the focal wall of the whole apartment really. But alas that is owing to my TV addiction so I suppose I didn't look up much beyond the clock all that often.

Now it is awesome. I am happy. And it's definatly time to think about what wall should be improved next!


scj said...

This is really beautiful and what a great idea!

Carlin said...

Sheila: Thanks!