Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Addiction

I'm really not all that much of a sports person. It can be fun recreationally but even then I tend towards other activities. And I've never been one to watch or follow any professional sports teams. But for some reason I absolutely love the Olympics.

It started on Friday with the opening ceremony. Really I don't know how anyone will ever beat the sheer awesomeness that was the Beijing opening but Vancouver had a few pretty neat things. But even when it's boring (parade of nations, seriously just watching athletes walk in is not that entertaining) I can't tear myself away. Something about the emotions that I know those people are experiencing. And I like the random trivia that the commentators give.

On Saturday I was distracted by my friends wedding and so didn't watch anything.

Sunday was Valentines Day but my man abandoned me so I turned on the olympics at 1 I think and left it on until at least midnight. There may have been some breaks when local programming was on. During this time I also, of course, engaged in crafts.

Monday was Presidents Day. Apparently they don't air nearly so much olympics during the day on weekdays so that was disappointing. But I proceeded with my other activities: knitting, errands, ballet, and then rushed home to catch as much of the prime time coverage as possible. Then having also become addicted to the penguin hat I was knitting I stayed up until 2:30. Mostly driven by my desire to finish the hat, but of course watching the Olympics the whole time.

Tuesday I quickly turned on the TV as soon as I got home and discovered that NBC is lame and has local programming until prime time. I managed to tear myself away to sleep at 1.

Wednesday I remained calm and didn't other things that did not revolve around the TV until just before prime time. And I turned it off when the prime time block was over at 11:30. I am totally re-gaining control over my addiction.

Pretty much every time they show a medal ceremony my eyes water a bit.

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