Monday, February 22, 2010

Ski bunny.

We went skiing on Friday and it was fun!

The 'getting there' was a bit sketchy. To start things off my man had a death in the family on Thursday. Yea he pretty much had a really sucky week. But he wanted to keep going with our plans. So we were a go, but it did end up delaying my planned timing.

I had established the times in an attempt to maximize the amount of time we'd be on the hill. I do such things because it is expensive and I am cheap. So we started off with me in an 'off' mood but trying to pretend I was all good. Not really ideal but I did get better.

So we get there and stand in line for our passes and my rental. It was pretty busy. I managed to find a buy one get one lift ticket coupon which was awesome. And I had a gift card that was an awesome Christmas present. All together I think we really confused the ticket seller guy. As I had calculated he gave us an initial total of $74ish. But then once I thought just about everything was done (there were like 3 signatures required somehow) he asked again how many rentals? "one". And then said he would refund the 2nd. So the man (who had paid the balance) handed back over the card he'd paid with.

Later I looked at the transactions and I'm pretty sure we were charged $0 for the lift tickets. And I'm quite positive that the man ended up being refunded more than he'd been charged because of using the gift card. Basically it was awesome, all-be-it a tad morally questionable.

I went and got my rental. Having marked that I was a moderate skier the dude asked me what size ski I wanted. I'm not into it enough to recall at all what size I like best. So I asked for something short because I'm a chicken, I think I amused the guy. We managed to stuff everything in a locker. I really didn't think it would fit but maybe I should actually trust the man....And we were off to the lift.

If I'm remembering correctly the last time I was skiing was 2007 with a college bus trip. So I was inevitably a bit rusty. And of course my man is all gung-ho and likes to barrel down double black diamons with his buddies. The big hills scared me but before the end I was comfortable on moderate stuff, willing and able to go down steep stuff, and downright speedy on easy stuff.

The only times I fell were stupid times: got scared and turned too hard basically laying down, attempting to stop and retrieve a guys pole for him, stepping on the man's ski coming off the lift, going too fast and trying to stop too hard at the bottom.

And while I could feel my leg muscles kicking in and working hard on some of the downhills I really wasn't sore at all. The only thing was that my shins feel brused which I attribute to rental boots.

A good time was had by all. Maybe someday I'll be less cheap and ski more often!

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