Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Movie marathons are difficult.

When I first got it in my head that I wanted to have a marathon of watching all of the Extended Lord of the Rings movies I anticipated that the devoting of an entire day would be the difficult part. I was wrong. Being a completely lazy bum and doing nothing (the man wouldn't even let me knit!) but watch a movie (albeit an awesome one) all day is difficult to do.

11:30am: Settle in with 'brunch' of Sheetz breakfast sandwiches, hash browns, and doughnuts.

11:45am: Determine that my doughnut is filled with peanut butter, not Bavarian creme. The man is silly and likes angel creme filled doughnuts. So I took the filled doughnut he had rejected because Bavarian creme is obviously the best. Things are off to a rock start but I prevail and eat the doughnut anyway.

12:30ish: Start thinking about how long this sucker will be and if I can knit during it. The man is consuming large quantities of orange juice.

1:15ish: Change disk and ask if I may knit. Proposal rejected.

2ish: I love these movies but already having hard time keeping my eyes focused on the screen.

3ish: Finish FotR and after a rather short bathroom/stretch break fire up TTT. Retrieve left over from skiing Gatorade from fridge. The man is smarter/less thrifty and goes for the caffeine in an Arnold Palmer. However this is also stupid as he has already consumed too much orange juice.

4ish: Am intermittently closing eyes and listening until I know something exciting is happening to watch on screen.

5ish: Establish that having eaten crazy heavy brunch we do not yet require pizza. Figure we can wait til end of TTT. Change disk. Continue sporadic eye closure.

6:45ish: Order Papa Johns online. Fight over what type of bread sticks to order. I win.

7:00ish: Finish TTT. Rouse selves to drive and pick up pizza.

7:10ish: Car is overwhelmed by smell of garlic and butter. Question choice of bread sticks but am also very anxious to eat them.

7:20ish: Dole out pizza, bread sticks, and cherry coke. Determine that the bread sticks are borderline too butter/garlicky but also may just be ridiculously awesome. Start RotK.

7:40ish: Determine that unhealthy food is delicious and has properly woken me up to stay engaged through final movie.

8:00ish: Determine that man has over eaten and feels ill.

9:00ish: Would have introduced dessert of left over valentines cake except that my man is still ready to pop. Move to final disk.

11:25. Finish entire movie marathon and even watch RotK credits!

We did it. I'm way too proud of us.

Notes to self: Must figure out how to do hair like Eowyn in funeral scene or like the common Gondorians. I need to re-read RotK (I've done FotR and TTT within recent memory). Next time must not let silly boy over-eat.


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