Friday, February 19, 2010

Home is behind, the world ahead.

This weekend should be pretty durn good. Why will it be good? Well I coerced my man into making plans for some good activities.

Friday = Skiing
He's big on skiing. I quite enjoy skiing but rarely get out because expensive and can be cold. It was long ago established that we ought to hit the slopes. Particularly because if we wait much longer the season will be over! Somehow I suspect that if left to his own devices he might never make it out there. Good think I like to insist upon plans.

Saturday = Lord of the Rings Marathon
This has been on my personal to-do-list forever because I am a giant dork. I'm ok with it. He, when we first started communicating indicated an interest in Fantasy and an enjoyment of LOTR. I of course assumed he was  a dork like me. Later I learned that he had only seen the movies and never read the books. I wanted to break up with him then but it didn't work out (the breaking up that is). I prodded him to read them so that we could have a marathon and for 4 months he generally ignored me. In January by means of a bribe he was made to finish them off (and is appropriate he enjoyed them and freaked out at how different they are from the movies). Now a large part of why I never previously had the marathon is because the only DVD that I owned (of LOTR persuasion) is Return of the King Extended Edition (I do however have FotR and TTT on VHS - be jealous). However, for Christmas my man got me FotR and TTT Extended editions on DVD. And he even got me the editions that matched my RotK. How could I not love him?

There will probably be much junk food involved. I put together a rough spreadsheet/schedule of the marathon but I have been informed that it is improper to plan such things.
Home is behind, the world ahead
And there are many paths to tread. 
Through shadow, to the edge of night, 
until the stars are all alight
Mist and shadow, 
cloud and shade, 
all shall fade
all... shall... fade...

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