Friday, February 19, 2010

Ars gratia artis

Having been quite inspired by everything that I've been reading from the postcard swap and all of the beautiful postcards I decided that I wanted to try my own improvisatory/mixed media/whatever comes to mind "art". I especially liked the idea of an "art journal".

But before any arts and crafts time I needed to clean house. In organizing/clearing out my bookshelf I came across an old notebook. It's a bit odd so I'm not a big fan and decided it was silly to be keeping it and went to throw it out when it struck me: Art Journal!

I tore out some old notes I had from a business conference and found a crazy squiggle pattern that is a doddle I've often done. Although normally I don't get the page nearly so full. I must have been very bored.

My hope is to just get myself creating something different at least somewhat regularly. There's no other goal. Maybe in the future I'll be able to take it less from a random creation to more of an emotional/journaling type creation. Actually I already have a few ideas :-)

Here are my first pages:

Left: pen on paper. Right: 2/17, acrylics, regular brush, scrap paper stencil, sponge brush, thread, mod podge, paint chip, puffy paint.

Ars gratia artis: Art for art's sake

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scrowlscrowl said...

How fun to see that you started an art journal!! I hope you'll enjoy! :D