Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekly goal wrap up, 10/23

List updated as items are accomplished. Bold = finished.
  1. Check that Eowyn Costume still fits and is in decent shape, fix as needed - Still got it on with no problem. The fitted top is rather tight and restricts breathing a bit and arm movement is somewhat limited, but I think that's the way it was when I made it. This thing is like the most poorly sewn garment ever. Trimmed the rough bottom hem to make it slightly more presentable and sewed up a number of holes where the stitching had split. Methinks that I'll want to bring a sewing kit along when I wear it and maybe a set of regular clothes.
  2. Plan Christmas Gifts -rocked this one fairly early and was pretty happy with everything. Although there are a few question marks.
  3. Prototype Sweater, Sock, and Hat -Got through the Sweater and the Sock but not the Hat. Soo close. The first two went quite easily although I do want to make some modifications to the final patterns.
  4. Prototype Holiday Mouse -Sewed up the body and head easily and quickly on Monday. I'm quite happy how easy it was. And really as I am becoming familar with the pattern things will only get easier. Also, this little guy is so stinking cute.
  5. Order yarn -Managed to convince myself not to go overboard and stuck with just the basics. Now I'm anxiously waiting for the package to arrive!
  6. 15 Hex circles for tote bag -This objective was greatly assisted when it worked out that I spent 1.5 hours out of the office over lunch at a different office to sell things. The selling of things never occupies the whole time however so hooray for excellent on the go crafts. Now I just need to figure out how many circles I actually need for each bag.
  7. Knit 2 repeats of pattern on argyle mittens -I picked up this project again and totally fell back in love. Although it is difficult to get myself doing it as all of the other projects which are less for myself tend to feel more pressing. Alas I always put the other projects first. But at least i got through one repeat and the thumb gusset is now complete.
  8. Order Mother's Gift(s) -Check. Hooray for ebay. Now I'm just hoping everything shipped to the correct address and I didn't get scammed.
  9. Make more applesauce (if needed) -After planning out my Christmas gifts it was quite clear that I have plenty of applesauce for me and for giving. Therefore, not needed. That was easy.
  10. Ply Ellie singles - As always there are some thick and thin spots but I ended up with a nice soft and squishy yarn that was still a fairly lightweight. Awesome!
  11.  Prep 4.5 oz of Ellie - I'm getting quite good at prepping.
  12. Spin another two batches of Ellie -Done and they were even giant batches. This skein will be nearly 4 oz.
  13. Create a crafting plan for the next 3 months -This took way longer than expected. Like holy moly will I be churning out a lot of stuff. I really need to make sure to do all of my fall/winter craft planning in June or July next year. It is a much much smarter plan.
12ish/13 - not bad.

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