Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekly Goals, 10/24

Last week was a success. Here's hoping I can follow with the same.

  1. Ply Ellie - This shall be the huge awesome skein. Yay fluffy yarn.
  2. Spin & Ply last batch of Ellie - There's only a tiny bit left. It's almost a shame that it's all on its own.
  3. Finish and Wash Ellie - One alpaca down, one to go [for the spin a bag keep a bag project at least]
  4. 9 more circles for tote bag 1 - Turns out each bag will take 24, ouch.
  5. Piece together tote bag 1 - The cirlces are all shades of blue and being pieced using white half-double crochet hexigons.
  6. Start Tote bag 2 - either shades of pink or multi color. Probably multi.
  7. Proto-type any other animals - I'm thinking more of Fuzzymitten's designs because I love the first. And maybe a crochet amigurimi because we'll see how that goes.
  8. Make 2 holiday mice - I love these guys and hopefully I can get pretty quick at things. I also want to try them in the round this time as I hate seaming.
  9. Sort Rosie into locks - prepare for Alpaca 2! She's a rose-grey and so beautiful.
  10. Wash at least 2 batch of Rosie locks.
  11. Test knit hat, and try sock & sweater mods - Gotta catch up to the hat from last week and work on the pattern modifications while the ideas are still fresh in my mind.
  12. Level WoW mage to 80 - Yup I've been sucked into a MMO. Bran and I need to use this last week of the refer a friend bonus to ding 80 or we'll have to do it the old fashioned (slow) way.
  13. Two repeats on mittens - I think I stand a better chance of sucess on this this week.

I much be rather insane. Last weeks awesome has gone to my head and makes me not see how absolutely much this weeks list really is.

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