Friday, November 18, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday: Charity Crafting

I am currently working on projects for two different Charity's.

2010 Colors
First is the Scarves for Special Olympics project. I may have this story wrong as I can't find it documented online and am going from memory but...The project started small with one state program asking crafters to use certain colors of yarn to make scarves for their athletes. The scarves serve "As a symbol of unity, community and support within the Special Olympics Movement". They were quite successful and scarves poured in and so each year the project grew a little bit bigger. This year the Special Olympics organizations from 40 different states are involved and thousands of scarves will be crafted and donated.
2011 Colors

This year is I believe the 3rd year that I have participated. I really love the idea and the goal of the program. Plus the guidelines leave room for quite a bit of ones own pattern interpretation. I have made scarves of varying difficulty but now have settled in with my adorable heart pattern which is also simple enough to be perfect anywhere anytime crafting.

My other charity project is a hat. A friend of mine created something on facebook that asked everyone she knew to make and donate hats to go to a children's hospital in memory of a young girl who passed away much to young. Crazily enough the friend who started the initiative has never learned enough knitting or crochet to make one of her own to donate....but kudos for starting the ball. This is certainly a worthwhile and moving endeavor.

A small, but very stretchy, infant hat.
I have a small pile of infant hats that were never donated to my local hospital that I plan on sending. Plus I cast on and managed maybe an inch or two of a Swirl Hat. The pattern is quite interesting. It really seems intellectually like it shouldn't work...but it does. Ah the magic of yarn loops.

The problem is I love these initiatives but at the end of the day sometimes it feels like they've become more burden than enjoyment. When I have a ton of Christmas gifts to make and an endless supply of ideas for projects that I just love for myself it can be hard to have the time. As you see I've already taken some steps but finding cute but simple patterns, but at the end of the day I'm either not that speedy of a crafter, or it's entirely possible that I'm just trying to do too much.

So for now the plan is to just keep plugging away prioritizing whatever project has the next deadline and trying to fit in at least the occasional bit for myself.....Am I the only one who sometimes struggles with the time for charity projects, or maybe your struggle is gift making? How do you prioritize your crafting?

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Kathryn Ray said...

Nearly everything I've made has been for a gift. I am wearing a hat I actually made for myself but the scarf I'm working on for me is languishing.

I try to keep my number of WIPs low so the projects will get finished... but the one for me is always the lowest priority. :-/

Heather Woollove said...

It's hard not to get a bit panicky at this time of year, when you know that the clock is ticking on holiday gifts.
I think it's wonderful that you knit for charity, and regardless of whether you feel 'constantly inspired' or not during the making of these lovely gifts, I think that your generous and loving spirit will still permeate them!!

A Gamer's Wife said...

How funny! I actually have a post coming up about a mitten charity I'm doing this year, but the Special Olympics sounds really cool too. Will add to my list of charities to try next year. :)

WonderWhyGal said...

I am having a hard time knitting for gifts because I really want to keep everything this year for myself. Argh!

Great job on the charity knitting. I still have a few more items to make to meet my 2011 goal.

Spinster Beth said...

I love the scarves ... I hope they do too!

AllyB said...

The little hat is the most comforting combination of colors. Awesome scarf with stars! I'm a WIP over achiever and I don't care, LOL

yarnyMarni said...

Kudos for simultaneously knitting for charity and gift-giving! I'm trying to convince myself that I still have time to do the same...