Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekly Goal Wrap Up, 11/6

I ended up being absolutely demolished by work this week. The insanity is quite deserving of a post itself but I've not even managed any posts at all this week so we'll see if anything really happens... *sigh*
  1. Organize Craft Box- Nope never got around to it. Still a giant mess.
  2. 24 Multi-color Crochet Circles - Thought about this but never even retrieved all the yarns from the yarn closet.
  3. Test Alpacas of York Double Ply, Blending, and Yardage - This was to be the fun project. I'm not even sure where the fiber is stored quite precisely and never bothered to go searching.
  4. 2 Mice - I knit up one mouce body a few hours ago and could realistically maybe knock off some more but probably fail.
  5. 2 New Animals - Purchased and printed off the patterns at least.
  6. 3 Plain Ornaments - 1 sock and 1 sweater completed. So 2/3 isn't awful except its about the success rate of this list.
  7. 2 Ornaments with colorwork - Nothing.
  8. Plan New Mitten Top - The modification doesn't look quite as good I think but it's still good.
  9. Finish Mitten #1 - Yea this didn't happen either.
  10. Ply Ellie - Easy, probably only 30 yards or so.
  11. Wash and Finish Ellie - This requires being in the house while actually being up and moving for a bit of time. Tricky.
  12. Card 2 oz of Rosie Rollags - I may have been slightly underweight and cheated by counting/using stuff I had been testing with but still calling it good.
  13. Spin 2 oz or Rosie - Hooray for spinning a thicker single. So much faster.
  14. Crochet Blue Tote Bag Handles - Well I think I'll start these right now at least.
  15. Start hat for Ren donation - I'm awesome at starting new things... finishing on the other hand...

At least the second half of the list has some bold stuff......

Here's to a day off tomorrow!

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yarnyMarni said...

... and I thought I was busy! At least your list of Things To Do are the fun kind... my list has stuff like "Pay Bills" and "Remember Your Doctor Appointment"... borrrrrrrrriiinnng!!!