Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekly Goals, 11/14

Last week I had a very good moment of inspiration when I decided to take my weekly list, break the items down into smaller chunks, and make myself daily lists of what I wanted to accomplish. And while I may not have accomplished everything from last weeks list I still kicked some pretty good butt so my plan of attack is to do the same this week. Blue items are carry overs from last week. And I'm also going to take a slightly different approach. There shall be a primary objective list and then a list for the bonus stuff that I'd like to do but know time is short so they may not happen. My hope is that I can actually get through all of the old stuff plus all of the this weeks stuff and and even knock out a few bonus items and then be able to start Thanksgiving week from a very good position.

  1. Piece multi-color hex bag
  2. Sew bag lining for blue hex bag
  3. 3 color work ornament
  4. 2 solid ornament
  5. Finish bag top and bottom
  6. Bag handle
  7. Sew bag lining for multi-color hex bag
  8. 24 hex circles - Although I don't know what color palate to use :-/
  9. Ply 4 oz of Rosie
  10. Prep 3 oz of Rosie
  11. Spin at least 2 oz of Rosie - But all 3 would certainly rock.
  12. Knit Squirrel
  13. Knit Fox
  14. Knit Mouse with beret
  15. Knit many animal scarfs - they are cold
  16. Add eyes and noses to animals - Confession: many of my animals are still lacking eyes and some are even missing noses. There may also be one bunny without a tail, but I think he also has weirdly placed ears so he just really did not luck out.
  17. Add Fringe to Super Bulky Scarf
  18. Bulky Crochet Scarf
  19. Create a business identity
  20. Design business cards
  21. Design item tags

Bonus Items:
  • Knit Hedgehog
  • Knit Otter
  • Super Bulky Scarf
  • More Ornaments - I didn't put these on the regular list because I still have all of last weeks to complete but I would like more if possible.
  • Establish an online presence for my 'business'.
  • Prep & Spin Dyed Alpaca for my scarf

Ok....I definitely am feeling way over ambitious again. There is pretty much no way all of this can happen.....but I'm not very inclined to pare down the list either :-)

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