Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Late Weekly Goals, 11/9

I feel like I've made some really good progress so far this week. But it's pretty much all progress that I wanted to have done last week (in blue) so that's a bit of an issue...

  1. 16 multi colored crochet circles - to finish last weeks batch of 24. I determined last night that I can crochet 6 in an hour.
  2. Spin double ply alpacas of york - I have about half of the spinning done of solid color stuff. I do still want to try playing with some blends. I love this yarn so it should be easy if I can find the time.
  3. Test yardage for alpacas of york scarf - I still have no idea how much yarn I'll need for my amazing linen stitch scarf.
  4. 1 color work ornament
  5. Finish mitten - only the thumb to go!
  6. Sew bag lining - Randomly tacked this one on for myself, but I have the fabric and everything else is done so I'm anxious to have a 100% finished product.
  7. Piece multi color bag
  8. 3 color work ornaments
  9. 2 solid ornaments
  10. 1 knit squirrel
  11. 2 knit bunnies
  12. Prep 2 oz of Rosie
  13. Spin 2 oz of Rosie
  14. Prep 2 oz of Alpacas of York
  15. Spin 2 oz of Alpacas of York
  16. Crochet fast scarf from bulky yarn

Given the rockstar crafting I accomplished on Monday and Tuesday I actually have some hope for this weeks success rate.

Oh and last week Marni commented on the fact that all my list is fun craft stuff. This is way true. It would just be lame (and depressing) to add the real work that I inevitably must take care of as well. As much as I love my cat and having my own house being but one person who has to work a lot and likes to make many crafts does not make for the tidiest of house and yard. My mother happened to be up and we visited briefly and I inquired about their leaf raking habits. Apparently father doesn't like to leave them lay for fear of the grass. I freely confess that I took this into consideration and decided that I need even more leaves so that the fact that I kinda slacked on mowing the lawn as we got towards fall would be hidden.

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