Monday, April 19, 2010

Back in the saddle.

So far April has been a pretty good biking month. We were blessed with some ridiculously awesome weather early on. Here's what I was up to:
4/2: My ballet teacher has always wanted to ride the full path round our city so I offered to take her. It was quite pleasant to chat with someone the whole time and made the miles pass quite quickly. 18.1 miles, rather slow.

4/6: Finally I got myself up and out for a full solo loop around the city. It is significantly helpful that I finally have enough daylight for such things. I felt quite strong the whole time but my average speed says I wasn't very fast.

4/10: Bran bought a bike and out we went! At times it was another slow ride. But at this one nice flat paved part he put on the gas and honestly it would have been a problem for me to maintain that for very long. Uh-oh. (Actually this could be really good, I need someone to push me to improve.) 11.1 miles.

4/11: I was determined to get out for my first ride of decent length this year. The goal was 30 miles. Out by the river it turned windy and on a bike a head or cross wind is pretty much death. I kept going anyway. Having gone out a bit before a normal dinner time I determined that gel chews are a totally awesome bike food. Much better tasting than cliff bars and still filling. In the end though I think the challenge of the longer ride plus the wind helped me push myself harder because when I ended at 29.7 miles my average speed was the best yet! And for next time I think I know where I can easily add a mile.

And as an added bonus none of those rides really killed me. A few of the times I was tired that evening. But I particularly noticed that on the 30 I didn't even feel it the next day.

Rock on.

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