Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's (less) electric.

My utility bills this past winter were absolutely brutal. I had lots of strikes against me: a particularly cold winter, an apartment that's an old 1915 stand alone carriage house, and the first time I've ever been paying utilities all on my own (previously = roommates).

The oil bill was the worst so I worked to keep that down. The thermostat was set at 60. At first I would indulge in a weekend at 65 or once even 70, but by January/February I had steeled up (and or had enough sticker shock). And I relied on a space heater to keep me going.

Then the electric bill went through the roof. This also had strikes against it as PA went through some kind of crazy deregulation that had been holding rates down.

All in all it was sad.

So when I opened my March bill and discovered an amount nearly half of the previous months it was absolutely glorious.

I love the warmer months. Not only am I no longer running the space heater all the time, but I'm out and about doing so much more instead of collapsing in front of the TV.

Here's to plenty more sunshine to come!

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