Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spinning a yarn.

Recently I have been getting back onto the spinning band wagon. I bought this roving back in June of last year when I visited a friend in Pittsburgh. It was when I was first getting started with spinning. And the idea of going to a store and buying prepared fleece was awesome.

This is the first time I've used sheep's wool! I'm not a huge fan of the colors. But when I picked it out alas price and the softness really were my determining factors. 

The more I spin the more I find that I am a pretty 'fine yarn' type spinner. My draw naturally gives me a very tiny, albeit not yet even, strand. That's fine by me except that it's a: slow, b: slightly limiting in what I can use the yarn for.

I love the look of the variegated colors on the spindle. That was probably my favorite part. I attempted to split my roving so that I could line up the colors once plied. But that failed. And the result was a jumble of complimenting and sometimes juxtaposing colors.

It measured out to approximately 90 yards. Which is ok. And I think I still have over half the roving to go.  Also I need to figure out if and how I need to wash/set it. I've got my alpaca system down pat. But this is sheep, it's different!

I have no idea what I'll use it to make. Ideally I'll think of something cool....hmmm....

I couldn't get a picture with the colors well represented. In person it seems more green-y to me kinda like this picture. Except this is too bright/washed out. Oh well.

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