Tuesday, April 20, 2010


When I moved to my apartment I was forced to sign up for comcast cable (TV) and internet in order to get any kind of good speed internet. I got some kind of new person 6 month deal. So I started getting very nervous when the 6 months was nearing completion.

Steeling myself one morning I logged into their online customer service chat thing and inquired as to what kind of deal they would give me now. I didn't bring it up but I was prepared to ditch the TV. I only had it originally because I needed it to get the internet rate. But I've actually taken to using it a bit and it's good for a lazy evening. Although as of late I've been barely using it. And I find the disuse to be a good thing as watching TV always feels like a waste of life (even though I just about always use it as crafting time as well).

The online chat people were slow, but pleasant. And I was offered everything that I currently have for just a $5 per month increase.

Happily I agreed. All in all surprisingly painless. :-)

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