Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's just a bit big

Just about every time Bran leaves my house I find something that he left behind. Really it's pretty cute and rather endearing.

Most recently he left a zip up fleece jacket thing. It happened to co-incide with a fall back into some cool weather I have taken to wearing it. And as it is quite warm and comfy I'm enjoying it.

Last evening in talking to him I commented that I was making use of the jacket. His response was something to the extent of "well I'll never see that again". I responded back that it was his so I would certainly give it back next time he was over. But then he said that he wouldn't be wearing it now that it's spring anyways. And so I plan on keeping it.

It's kinda cliche but I seem to have a mild obsession with wearing his stuff. Although there is a distinct point in the fact that mens-wear seems to be significantly more designed with comfort in mind.

I will admit that it is a bit big however:

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