Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Picture this.

Yesterday the weather hit over 90 degrees, which is pretty much my idea of heaven. So I rushed home made a quick change and brought out my bike.
I also stuck my camera in my pocket because once again the idea has come into my head that I should like to learn to take good pictures. This has been an occasionally reoccurring theme with me and as a general rule I don't go much of anywhere with it.

On this particularly trip I stopped out at the river where along the bank someone planted a whole row of tulips and daffodils. I absolutely love it. As much as I'm a fan of flowers I don't think I'd ever have the guts to plant things in a public park. But some serious kudos to whomever did it.

Seriously there are a ton of flowers. That's an awful lot of bulbs! Picture one is there to show you a bit of an idea how long the line stretched. And I really was pretty much in the middle not at the end.

Here I was shooting into the sun so I knew the outcome was questionable. But while a little dark I do quite love the outcome. And the sunbeam 'sparkling' the tulip there on the end is cool. Plus the two diagonal lines intersecting is interesting. Although if I were to re-do it I think I might try to straighten the bridge line.

This is my favorite picture. On and off for years I have attempted to figure out how to use the aperture setting to focus one one thing and blur the rest. Everyone in a while I'd get it, but I never quite fully got the hang of it. So here I am ridiculously excited to have pulled it off! Me thinks I may be improving :-)

I am quite tempted to ride back out today or tomorrow and try for some more photos before the flowers die. But I really don't have much time tonight, which is sad. Here's hoping that I'll stick with it at least on occasion. And before I know it I'll be less of a snapshotter and more of an artist!

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