Thursday, April 8, 2010

March Goal Review

This is significantly late. But hey better late then never at least.

  • WoT Reading: Check Plus. Finished 2 books.
  • Bike 100 miles: Utter failure. I think I managed 30something....ugh
  • Blocks of the month: Success! Knit 3, Crochet 3.5
  • Art Journal: D: Finished a few pages and started a few but not 4 total. Quasi-accomplished
  • Wall-decal:I started the project. The things are crazy detailed so it needs more, but still looks good so I'll give it a check :-)
  • Blog comments: Not quite sure if I made the posted 10 but still happy with what I did. Check.
  • Postcards: Fail. I didn't get farther than some thoughts.
  • Organize craft stuff: Check! It's awesome.
  • Cook: Not the best but I'll give it a check because I'm generous.

Overall I consider that to be a success 6.5/9 isn't horrible.

Now I must come up with April goals. I'm behind already!

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